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Before I started with Restlet I already wrote a Jersey client. It was very intutiv - it seems like Restlet isnt. There is not much documentation and I can't solve the easiest problems.

Where I am:

    service = new ClientResource("http://localhost:8080/com-project-core/rest");
    service.setChallengeResponse(ChallengeScheme.HTTP_BASIC, "admin", "geheima");

What I get from documentation:

 String myString = service.get(String.class);

or wrapping up a Resource:

 ConnectedResourceIF connectedResource = service.wrap(ConnectedResourceIF.class);

Thats working. But what about:

A. When I want to change my service path? In Jersey it was intuitiv like




B. I want to set a acceptHeader. In jersey it was like


C. I want to set query parameters. In jersey:


Sorry, hope someone can solve this beginner problems. I cant find somethign in the restlet documentation.

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For A:

service.getChild("/foo/bar", ConnectedResourceIF.class);

For B (need a recent 2.1 RCx version):


For C (need a recent 2.1 RCx version):



The best place to look for such things is the Javadocs, because those API changes are pretty recent: http://www.restlet.org/documentation/snapshot/jee/api/org/restlet/resource/ClientResource.html

We are working on a new in-depth tutorial for next 2.2 version. First finishing "Restlet in Action" book :)

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Thanks for your supportive help. However it seems that I have to use version 2.1 for better client support. –  user1189762 Jul 9 '12 at 15:08

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