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I ve learnt ruby using "bookofruby". I want to learn rails now and wants to do programming on ruby on rails. i dont know how to interlink both ruby and rails.

suggest me tutorials to learn rails exclusively.

and How to develop my first application on ruby on rails.. eg. a simple calculation application.

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In my opinion Michael Hartl's tutorial is the best Rails tutorial there is.

Does not skip anything including git, rspec and many rails tricks and tips which will give an extreme boost as a beginner rails developer.

I read and followed the book exmaples for three days and it gave me a lot.


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Below are some useful links for learning Rails.

And also refer below question.

Beginner's guide for rails

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that is a great one:

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Ruby is a language . Rails is a framework build on that language to deploy web apps . Meaning it will do all the under the hood HTTP stuff for you and you just have to concentrate on the MCV - Model Control and View ( Database , Controller to handle HTTP Requests and Responses , Display Pages ). You can use some video tutotials also to kick start on Rails .

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I also recommend Micheal Hartl's tutorial as said above. For an other point of view, the Beginning Rails book is also very good.

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I recommend the Pickaxe book and the rails tutorial. Both will guide you through the creation of a rails application so you can get the feeling of it while you learn.

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