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A Pandas DataFrame contains column named "date" that contains non-unique datetime values. I can group the lines in this frame using:


However, this splits the data by the datetime values. I would like to group these data by the year stored in the "date" column. This page shows how to group by year in cases where the time stamp is used as an index, which is not true in my case.

How do I achieve this grouping?

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ecatmur's solution will work fine. This will be better performance on large datasets, though:

data.groupby(data['date'].map(lambda x: x.year))
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Very nice, thanks :-) – tim Jun 12 '14 at 9:01
Why map instead of apply? – Gus Sep 27 '15 at 1:01

This should work:

data.groupby(lambda x: data['date'][x].year)
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Im using pandas 0.16.2 . This has better performance in my large dataset


Using the dt option and playing around with weekofyear , dayofweek etc. becomes far more easier

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This is optimal. – Twitch Feb 17 at 2:30
Concur, this seems to be the pandaic way of accessing date attributes for a series. – Dan Nguyen May 24 at 0:59

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