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I have created a chart using JFreeChart inside a JSP. I want to render this chart in a webpage using JSP, without storing the image as JPEG/PNG file. This is in the google app engine environment which does not support writing to disk.

I tried the following:

java.awt.image.BufferedImage chartImage = targetChart.createBufferedImage(600,400);
ServletOutputStream out1 = response.getOutputStream();
JPEGImageEncoder encoder= JPEGCodec.createJPEGEncoder(out1);

but ended up getting a

java.lang.IllegalStateException: STREAM

BTW, java.awt is also not allowed in the app engine environment. What options do I have for solving this problem?

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Just to clarify, the above JSP code is for JSP that's specified in <img src="...">, right? Make sure you have no spaces / new lines anywhere outside of <% %> tags on that page, otherwise they'll be written to JspWriter which would prevent you from obtaining OutputStream. I'm pretty sure that's the problem you're having now.

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I abandoned the JfreeChart approach and used the Google Chart API to build the pie chart.Ex.

<IMG SRC=",66CC33&cht=p3&chl=A|B|C|D&chs=500x200&chd=t:10,40,30,20&chtt=Your%20Chart"
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+1, IMO google chart API is worth to be recommended. – dantuch Aug 20 '11 at 11:40

You could also use Flash based charts, like amcharts See my demos at I tested this under GAE and it worked fine.

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