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Does anyone understand how to use SQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory on Android? I am looking to obtain a persistent SQLiteCursor object which uses an SQL SELECT statement where several of it's WHERE clause expressions use parameters which can be changed programmatically before requerying.

For instance:

SELECT LocationID FROM Locations WHERE Latitude < northlimit AND Latitude > southlimit AND Longitude < eastlimit AND Longitude > westlimit;

Limit parameters will change dynamically, once every 200ms

I am trying to resolve a problem whereby if I just use SQLiteDatabase.rawQuery("SELECT ..."); the system creates a new CursorWindow for each new query, ultimately running out of memory. So I am trying to find a way to force the system not to create new CursorWindows.

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Before re-querying you should close the old cursor. That way you shouldn't run out of memory. As far as I know SQLite does not support random row access on its query result sets. You can only iterate an SQLite result from start to end. The Android framework works around that issue by loading the whole result into a cursor in order to allow random access. If your query returns a lot of rows (or a lot of data) you also may run into an out of memory situation. –  Nobu Games Apr 12 '13 at 13:25

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after extracting data close it !

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You can check this tutorial.. its sum it up perfectly:


and you should close the DB , after any usage.. another way is to create Class variable Cursor cr and every time you use it check this: if(cr==null) cr = new .... else //do something //


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