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I have a child window which is always visible, think of a tasktray notification window. My issue is when the main window is minimized I am unable to click on this window.

The child window is still aware of when the mouse enters it so I was hoping to write some code to make it focusable.

Any thoughts on what I would need to set, without restoring the main window i.e. not bringing it to the foreground and keeping it minimized

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Maybe you can teach your App class (or some Util) to handle your childForm instance.

public partial class App : Application
    private MyFormClass forminstance = null;

    internal static void ShowMyForm()
        if (forminstance == null)
            forminstance = new MyFormClass();

        if (!forminstance.IsVisible)

    internal static void HideMyForm()
        if (forminstance != null && forminstance.IsVisible)


And call the methods from your Main window. If it is the place where you control the child.


(i didn't test this code).

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