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I am adding a span elements dynamically from input field into a div. When they reached the right end of the div. It overflows in the same line.

However, when the number of span elements are pre-defined into a div element then they are not overflowed and they comes down and starts from a new line. I want this way.

I analysed both the element structure in firebug and both look same.

Here the fiddle for demonstration - FIDDLE

Please let me know for any mistake I am doing and if there is any workaround.

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Since span is an inline element, it's affected by whitespace in the HTML.

In your predefined example, you have a line break between each span.

To make your JavaScript version work, you need to add some whitespace.

Add either a line break:


or just a space:

$("#box1").append("<span>"+val+"</span> ");

The choices are equivalent, but your intention may be clearer with a line break.

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How about adding CSS

display: inline-block
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