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I have compiled a goldfish kernel under panda platform and created a zImage in the path panda/goldfish/arch/arm/zImage.

Now I'm using this command to run the emulator:

./emulator -kernel /home/kpit/android_sd/panda/goldfish/arch/arm/boot/zImage -avd avd

which is giving me the error:

PANIC: Could not open: /home/kpit/android-sdk-linux//.android/avd/avd.ini

Can anybody tell me what is the problem?

I am new to android. So please consider this while answering, so that I can understand what is the problem.

Thanks in advance

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It appears you have requested the Android Virtual Device (AVD) named 'avd' (per your options '-avd avd' but there is no such device. What is in your avd dir (try 'ls /home/kpit/android-sdk-linux/.android/avd)?

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