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Currently Im creating a cordova xcode app. Im just editing the default index.html. Im not configuring xib ar adding any element to it. Just pure html, css, and javascript. I have input text on my html and it is read by xcode and automatically pops up the keyboard once the input text is clicked which I dont want to happen. Should anyone of you know how to disable it pro-grammatically? Thanks in advance!

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If there is no keyboard, how would the user type anything? And it's a feature of the UIWebView, so it's not possible to disable it. –  nhahtdh Jul 9 '12 at 10:49

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Already a "done" button is there,just click on it.

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There are two options to achieve it:
1) Make your textfield as readonly
2) Make use of this plugin and hide the keybaord manually

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