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I have a table of transactions, for each Customer has several transactions with points for each transaction.

I need to run a mysql query to find the sum of points for each customer in a certain duration of time.

Each transaction has a CustomerID , Points, TranactionDate

The problem is that I need to find the SUM(Points) GroupBY CustomerID for only transactions that Date range between two dates.

like this:

SELECT SUM(SELECT `Points` FROM `transaction` 
    WHERE Date BETWEEN '30/09/2012' AND '4/10/2012') 
    GROUP BY `CustomerID`

please I need the equivalent query for the above one.

Thanks in advance

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Are those real dates? Saved as DATE in MySQL? It won't work if they are VARCHAR fields. –  Sherlock Jul 9 '12 at 10:55
no not real dates , h=just to give example, the dates are datetime 2012-04-14 –  nour Jul 9 '12 at 11:22

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SELECT SUM(Points) as customerPoints FROM transaction 
    WHERE Date BETWEEN '30/09/2012' AND '4/10/2012' 
    GROUP BY CustomerID
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SELECT `CustomerID`, SUM(`Points`) AS `Points`
FROM `transaction`
WHERE `Date` BETWEEN '30/09/2012' AND '4/10/2012'
GROUP BY `CustomerID`
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