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I have following table structure:

uid    | product_code
00001  | 'tb'
00001  | 'im' 
00001  | 'ip'
00002  | 'tb'
00002  | 'im'

I want a selfjoin query that will show me those uids which have all three product codes 'mg','ip','tb' with them. i.e only 00001 will be displayed. How can it be done?

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thank you all, for helping me. I had to reject count of product_code related answers because I am going to need specific product code in future –  Shades88 Jul 9 '12 at 11:23

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SELECT sj1.uid FROM tbl sj1 
    JOIN tbl sj2 ON sj1.uid = sj2.uid 
    JOIN tbl sj3 ON sj1.uid = sj3.uid
WHERE sj1.product_code = 'tb'
    AND sj2.product_code = 'im'
    AND sj3.product_code = 'mg'

should work also if you have more product codes.

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select uid from mytable 
where product_code in ('mg','ip','tb') 
group by uid having count(distinct(product_code))=3;
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If you have only three product code Select * from table group by uid having count(uid) = 3

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