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i am new to Vaadin. at this time i am getting problem ExcelExport.

when i am click on button it is not downloading file as well as not displaying eny error.

i dont know what is the location of this file.

final ThemeResource export = new ThemeResource("adminicons/green.png");
    final Button excelExportButton = new Button("Export to Excel");

    public TestExport() {

        final Table table = new Table("This is my Table");
      HorizontalLayout vlaLayout = new HorizontalLayout();

      table.addContainerProperty("First Name", String.class,  null);
      table.addContainerProperty("Last Name",  String.class,  null);
      table.addContainerProperty("Year",       Integer.class, null);

      table.addItem(new Object[] {
          "Nicolaus","Copernicus",new Integer(1473)}, new Integer(1));
      table.addItem(new Object[] {
          "Tycho",   "Brahe",     new Integer(1546)}, new Integer(2));
      table.addItem(new Object[] {
          "Giordano","Bruno",     new Integer(1548)}, new Integer(3));
      table.addItem(new Object[] {
          "Galileo", "Galilei",   new Integer(1564)}, new Integer(4));
      table.addItem(new Object[] {
          "Johannes","Kepler",    new Integer(1571)}, new Integer(5));
      table.addItem(new Object[] {
          "Isaac",   "Newton",    new Integer(1643)}, new Integer(6));


        excelExportButton.addListener(new ClickListener() {
            private static final long serialVersionUID = -73954695086117200L;
            private ExcelExport excelExport;

            public void buttonClick(final ClickEvent event) {
                excelExport = new ExcelExport(table);
                excelExport.setReportTitle("Demo Report");




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Have you tried debugging with ExcelExport sources? –  miq Jul 10 '12 at 17:03
yes. i did. nothing wrong there. –  KSHiTiJ Jul 11 '12 at 8:41

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