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As you all know there is many file host websites, is there a way to process the http link of a of file on one of those sites and retrieve a result if the file exists or if the http link even exists or not. I know that maybe some of those file host websites uses their own APIs but i want a more generic way.


So as i understand there is no file on a server, it's just that i have to read the response and read it properly. I want to ask another thing, what about redirection, does that mean if i got the response of a link that redirects to other link, i will get the final target from the response ?

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You can use HttpRequest to make a request and read a response. Whether the "file" exists depends on what the server sends as a response. There really is no such thing as "files" in HTTP, only requests and responses (which contain headers and content). –  David Jul 9 '12 at 11:14

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You can find out if a file exist using the exists method:

bool System.IO.File.Exists(string path)


in order to find out if a file exist on a remove server you can try this:

WebRequest request;
WebResponse response;
String strMSG = string.Empty;
request = WebRequest.Create(new Uri(“http://www.yoururl.com/yourfile.jpg”));
request.Method = “HEAD”;

    response = request.GetResponse();
    strMSG = string.Format(“{0} {1}”, response.ContentLength,         response.ContentType);
catch (Exception ex)
   //In case of File not Exist Server return the (404) Error
    strMSG = ex.Message;

see this:

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This assumes the server will respond with a 404 error, or any error at all. It might not, we don't know. Also, this isn't very good exception handling. There could be more useful information in the Exception object that you're just throwing away. –  David Jul 9 '12 at 11:41

If I understand you correctly, you're trying to tell if a given URL has content.

Use the



Call the url, if you receive a 200, you're good to go. A 404 exception or similar probably means the link is no good.

Or, even better way to do this is to do a HEAD http request. See here for more info on that.

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