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I am an amateur with hadoop and stuffs. Now, I am trying to access the hadoop cluster (HDFS) and retrieve the list of files from client eclipse. I can do the following operations after setting up the required configurations on hadoop java client.

I can perform copyFromLocalFile, copyToLocalFile operations accessing HDFS from client. Here's what I am facing. When i give listFiles() method I am getting



Properties props = new Properties();
props.setProperty("fs.defaultFS", "hdfs://<IPOFCLUSTER>:8020");
props.setProperty("mapreduce.jobtracker.address", "<IPOFCLUSTER>:8032");
props.setProperty("yarn.resourcemanager.address", "<IPOFCLUSTER>:8032");
props.setProperty("mapreduce.framework.name", "yarn");
FileSystem fs = FileSystem.get(toConfiguration(props)); // Setting up the required configurations
Path p4 = new Path("/user/myusername/inputjson1/");
RemoteIterator<LocatedFileStatus> ritr = fs.listFiles(p4, true);

I have also tried FileContext and ended up only getting the filestatus object string or something. Is there a possibility to take the filenames when i iterate to the remote hdfs directory, there is a method called getPath(), Is that the only way we can retrieve the full path of the filenames using the hadoop API or there are any other method so that i can retrieve only name of the files in a specified directory path, Please help me through this, Thanks.

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You can indeed use getPath() this will return you a Path object which let you query the name of the file.

Path p = ritr.next().getPath();
// returns the filename or directory name if directory
String name = p.getName();    

The FileStatus object you get can tell you if this is a file or directory.

Here is more API documentation:



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Actually: Path p = ritr.next().getPath(); –  Saba Jamalian Feb 7 at 1:23
@SabaJamalian good catch, fixed. –  Thomas Jungblut Feb 7 at 6:15

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