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I've replaced the Tomcat by Jetty. Now I have 400 http error code for requests sent by a third party system. As I see, the difference with my tests sent by curl and a web-browser is the url in the http verb:

Content-Type: text/xml
Content-Length: 71065
User-Agent: hpost/0.1
Pragma: no-cache
Accept: */*

this request doesn't work, but post with relative URL such as POST / HTTP/1.0 works fine. Who is wrong? I cannot change the third party system, so, is it possible to make jetty accept such requests?

I've tried Jetty v6.1.26, v7.6.4 and v8.1.4 - works the same.

Ok, I think the reason is missing trailing slash after the url, the POST HTTP/1.0 works fine.

Does any body know if it is jetty problem or the client sends malformed url?

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While the HTTP spec RFC-2616 says that the server must accept absoluteuri's for the request line, this is generally only used for proxy requests.

To Jetty, the request line POST HTTP/1.0 is viewed as a HTTP/1.0 request, and fall into the rules of RFC-1945 for Request Line URIs that states absoluteuri's are always Proxy requests.

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I've reported the issue, it is fixed now.

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