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In the User model I have two accepts_nested_attributes_for: :details (which is has_one association) and :membership_orders (has_many).

For :details I have:

attr_accessible :details_attributes

But for the membership_orders I can't have so simple accessor, because I want to protect it from the normal user, but make it accessible for the admin.

It's possible to do with attribute-permissions plugin (github.com/Fingertips/attribute-permissions/tree/master), but I think it's not the finest solution.

Can you tell me how I can add special expression for the attr_accessible, or maybe filter out those attributes using before_validation (or what-else).

You can read about this problem by this link: blog.smartlogicsolutions.com/2009/02/24/rails-23-nested-object-forms-im-not-crazy-about-them/


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After several times stuck with that, I've written fully functional rails 2 and 3 solution: github.com/dmitry/attr_accessible_block –  Dmitry Polushkin Feb 21 '11 at 14:40

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You could certainly filter them out before validation. Another option is to switch to attr_protected and specify the fields you want protected instead of the ones you want open. That could be a simple switch or a more involved one, depending on the size of your models.

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before_validation realisation: attr_accessor :allowed_membership_orders_associations def filter_allowed_membership_orders_associations self.membership_orders.delete_if { |mo| mo.changed? && !@allowed_membership_orders_associations } end Use of attr_protected isn't good, because: railspikes.com/2008/9/22/… –  Dmitry Polushkin Jul 20 '09 at 8:43

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