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I have 3 tables("Timetable, Subject, WeekDay"). The time table has (SubjectId, WeekDayId) fields. I want to insert values in to Timetable table, but the data comes in names not id.s, so I want to execute this statement:

Insert into TimeTable SubjectId , WeekDayId 
Select WeekDay.WeekdayId , Subject.SubjectId from weekday , Subject 
Where Subject.SubjectName=IPSubjectName And Weekday.WeekDayName=IPWeekDayName

Now I have 2 questions:

1)Is this statement available in sqlite (Am I writing it right)?

2)How can I dynamically take input at these values(IPSubjectName,IPWeekDayName). i.e If I have var SubjectName, var WeekDayName, how will the statement be written then?

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  1. Yes, I think the statement you wrote is available in SQLite.
  2. I'm assuming you wrote a PHP function which calls this query, in which case, your variable names would become $SubjectName and $WeekDayName, then

    Where Subject.SubjectName=$SubjectName AND Weekday.WeekDayName=$WeekDayName

I believe this should help you out.


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Pass the values as parameters in the function where you are executing the query and replay the right hand side clause with ${paramname1} and ${paramname2}.

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