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I would like to read more input files with awk. In every file in my folder starting with ftp_dst_ I want to run this little awk script.

for i in ftp_dst_*; 

gawk -v a="$a" -v b="$b" -v fa="$fa" -v fb="$fb" -v max="$max" '
        FS=" ";
        if ($8 == "nrecvdatabytes_")

                if (b!=0)
                    if (fa>max && fa!=0)
        print "lol";
        #print flowid, max;

So now ftp_dst_5, ftp_dst_6, ftp_dst_7 are in the folder so I should get 3 lines with lol in the command line. Of course this "print lol" is only a try, I want to get 3 values from the 3 files. So how can I read from all these files using awk?

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have you tried to change the ./ftp_dst_* on the next last row to $i. –  Karl Nordström Jul 9 '12 at 13:40

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By using a glob in the argument, all the files are taken together as if they were one file. Without the shell for loop, you would get output one time. Since you have the for loop, you should be getting the output three times. Part of your problem may be that you need a space after the closing single quote or you may need to change the argument to "$i" as Karl Nordström suggested if you want each file to be considered separately.

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Thank you very much! –  Jani Bela Jul 11 '12 at 17:17

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