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I have a String like this:


I want it split it values like this:

%2F should be /

%2C marks the starting of new string

So values would be like:

06/27/2012 , 07/052012 etc

I tried creating somekind of regex for this, but did not succeed.

Example I tried:

String phrase = "06%2F27%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C06%2F29%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C07%2F06%2F2012%2C07%2F19%2F2012%2C07%2F06%2F2012%2C07%2F19%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C07%2F20%2F2012%2C07%2F20%2F2012%2C07%2F27%2F2012%2C08%2F02%2F2012%2C07%2F20%2F2012%2C07%2F26%2F2012%2C08%2F03%2F2012%2C08%2F06%2F2012%2C08%2F06%2F2012%2C08%2F17%2F2012";
String delims = "REGEX_GOES_HERE";
String[] tokens = phrase.split(delims);
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I think you should first unescape the data, then process it. –  nhahtdh Jul 9 '12 at 12:09
Please include regex that you actually used. –  user1329572 Jul 9 '12 at 12:09

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This should do it:

String string = "06%2F27%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C06%2F29%2F2012"; // etc...
    String decoded = null;
    try {
        decoded = URLDecoder.decode(string, "UTF-8");
    } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
    String[] splitString = decoded.split(",");
    for (String i : splitString) {
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If I understand it correctly, you're trying to split and replace with one operation. Don't.

If you accept that, then all you need is a URLDecoder call that will replace %.. sequences with the appropriate characters, followed by a simple split() with the string delimiter character.

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String[] tokens = phrase.replaceAll("%2F","/").split("%2C");
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Your trouble is in charset, you must decode it.

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A lazy way is to replace all your String by the values you need :

String toModify = "06%2F27%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C06%2F29%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C07%2F06%2F2012%2C07%2F19%2F2012%2C07%2F06%2F2012%2C07%2F19%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C07%2F05%2F2012%2C07%2F20%2F2012%2C07%2F20%2F2012%2C07%2F27%2F2012%2C08%2F02%2F2012%2C07%2F20%2F2012%2C07%2F26%2F2012%2C08%2F03%2F2012%2C08%2F06%2F2012%2C08%2F06%2F2012%2C08%2F17%2F2012"
String my result = toModify.replaceAll("%2F","/").replaceAll("%2C"," ").replaceAll.... ;
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