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Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

when i try to do foreach() in php using the following :

foreach ($this->rawProfileXMLElement->xpath("//dl[@id='overview']/dd[@class='summary-current']/ul[@class='current']/li") as $current)

it gives the following error:

Warning : Invalid Argument Supplied for foreach()

how to recover it??

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your xpath is not returning any nodes –  maxjackie Jul 9 '12 at 12:32
Start debugging by simply looking at the content of your supplied argument. var_dump($this->rawProfileXMLElement->xpath("//dl[@id='overview']/dd[@class='sum‌​mary-current']/ul[@class='current']/li")) –  Erwin Moller Jul 9 '12 at 12:33

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Try to:


before iterating over it to see if it is array-like stucture.

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This means that $this->rawProfileXMLElement->xpath("//dl[@id='overview']/dd[@class='summary-current']/ul[@class='current']/li") is not an array as would be expected in a foreach.

Try var_dump($this->rawProfileXMLElement->xpath("//dl[@id='overview']/dd[@class='summary-current']/ul[@class='current']/li")) to see what's in your function call.

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The xpath function may return FALSE on error. According to this post this may also happen if there are no elements in the document.

Try assigning it to a temporary variable and check for false before using the variable in the foreach loop:

$q = $this->rawProfileXMLElement->xpath("//dl[@id='overview']/dd[@class='summary-current']/ul[@class='current']/li");
if (false !== $q) {
  foreach ($q as $current) {
} else {
  echo "Expecting elements in xpath query but got none";
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