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I want to use a Texture2D for a base enum. Similar to the way Color Works. ie. Color.Black

This doesn't compile, because you can't use Texture2D as a base, I am using this code to demonstrate what I want.

public class Content
    public Dictionary<string,Texture2D> Textures =new Dictionary<string, Texture2D>();

public enum Texture:Texture2D
    Player = Content.Textures["Player"],
    BackGround = Content.Textures["BackGround"],
    SelectedBox = Content.Textures["SelectedBox"],
    Border = Content.Textures["Border"],
    HostButton = Content.Textures["HostButton"]

Which could then be used like

Texture2D myTexture= Content.Texture.Player;
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You cannot use objects as a base for enums. What you can do is add your different textures as static properties to a class:

public static class Texture
    public static Texture2D Player { get; private set; }
    public static Texture2D BackGround { get; private set; }

    static Texture()
        Player = Content.Textures["Player"];
        BackGround = Content.Textures["BackGround"];

That way you can use them like you want:

Texture2D myTexture = Texture.Player;
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I like this one, it basically does the same thing as enum. –  K'Leg Jul 9 '12 at 13:08

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