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I have this form which i post to spring and I am trying to make it display the original value from the database before i posted the updated value whilst leaving the error message on the field if there is a validation error not the posted value. However nothing i do seems to work.

My post action looks like:

public String updateValues(@ModelAttribute("values") @Valid ValueList, Errors errors, RedircetAttributes redirectAttributes){

     if (errors.hasErrors()){
        return VALUES_VIEW;
     //Do update stuff
     return VALUES_REDIRECT;
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Overwrite the value coming in on the model to the value from the DB. In your case, something like:

ValueList dbValueList = someService.getValueList();
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I have tried this and it works if there is no error on the field. However spring continues to use the value posted if the value fails validation. –  pgpython Jul 9 '12 at 13:58

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