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I'm developing for the Blackberry Playbook and require a Javascript Spell Checker that works offline.

I've found BJSpell Project but finding it very hard to use, i.e I have a text box and want to click a button and display to the user everything in the textbox but mistakes in bold.

I've also been looking for a HunSpell javascript version but can't find one.

Suggestions for incorrect spelt words would be handy but isn't to important.

I just want to be able for the user to:

  1. Enter text in text area
  2. Click spell checker
  3. Display text in a DIV below with errors in bold

I have also seen aSpell but that requires connectivity as well...

I've started creating my own JS spell checker but would like to use a library or even a reference.

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Do you have a specific set of vocabulary you want to check? If so, this should be straightforward. If not, well, there's a very good reason these libraries require net access, and that's because coding the Oxford English Dictionary into your app isn't much fun... – Graham Jul 9 '12 at 12:54
Just standard english, Ive got code working so far reading text from a text box and comapring it to my dic array (660000 words) but its things like suggesting words that im having the problem with and regex for currecnys etc... – LmC Jul 9 '12 at 12:57

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