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What is the best and safest (not shortest/fastest) solution for (cross-browser/-platform) checking the existence of the document object (and maybe the window object if necessary)?

(function(root, undefined) {

    var document = false;

    if(typeof root.document === "object" && root.document !== null)
        document = root.document;

    // ...

    if(document !== false)


Is typeof window.document in browsers always "object"? Or is there maybe anything like a work-around needed to make sure that our received object is really the DOM type of object, like window.document instanceof window.Document, and not just a self made object or what else.

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Can you elaborate on what you NEED to do instead of how you already thought of solving it? I can personally only see an issue if you run in a headless browser or IDE –  mplungjan Jul 9 '12 at 12:54

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Your definition of "Cross-Browser" is pretty cruicial here. I'd actually recommend to check for the [[Class]] property like:

Object.prototype.toString.call( root.document );

That should return [object HTMLDocument] in modern'ish browsers (or [object Undefined]). To also include IE8+ on this list, we need to call

if( "" + this.document === '[object HTMLDocument]' ) { }

This would create a list of

  • IE8+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera (I don't know, but think so)

IE<8 will always return [object] on the window.document [[Class]]. This is at least, the most accurate check I can think of. You can of course, also just check something like

if( 'document' in this ) { }

but that is no guarantee that we are talking about an actuall DOM object, just that there is a property called document in the global object.

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Thanks! "" + this.document is what I was searching for. I'm doing a cross-browser test for more researching since there is no chance to do this in <IE8. –  headacheCoder Jul 9 '12 at 13:43

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