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When i write this line my application crashes

world ->setContactListener (contactListener)

Error message is in

void b2World::SetContactListener(b2ContactListener* listener)
    m_contactManager.m_contactListener = listener;    //EXE_BAD_ACCESS

Please help me i want to use contactlistener for Collision detection... Thanks

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It's likely that m_contactManager is not set if your program is failing at that line.

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What will i do to avoid crashes????? –  Diken Shah Jul 9 '12 at 13:48
check in debugger that m_contactManager is not NULL before this call –  Morion Jul 9 '12 at 14:27

did you remember to initialize contactListener? If you try to use an uninitialized pointer in the call to setContactListener, you'll get a BAD_ACCESS. Make sure you've got a line like this before the call:

ContactListener *contactListener = new ContactListener();
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Use this code

_contactListener = new MyContactListener();

To write this code, after word is created.

Reason for crash: World is not created but you setContactListener to world, thatsway your app got crash. I think this helpful for you...

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