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How can I add a phone number to a contact in iOS using cordova framework (phonegap)? I've tried with an href:tel but it doesn't work!

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<a href="tel:...">

Only adds a link to open the call window it does not save the number or email to device.

You need to add the specific code to insert of update the contact:

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Here is some code:

var contact = navigator.contacts.create();
contact.displayName = "Plumber";
var name = new ContactName();
name.givenName = "Jane";
name.familyName = "Doe"; = name;

// phone numbers
var phoneNumbers = [];
phoneNumbers[0] = new ContactField('work', '212-555-1234', false);
phoneNumbers[1] = new ContactField('mobile', '917-555-5432', true);
phoneNumbers[2] = new ContactField('home', '203-555-7890', false);
contact.phoneNumbers = phoneNumbers;

// save,onSaveError);
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