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I have source data in 2 excel files. Data from both these excel files should be loaded to the same single Fact table. The column names in excel files and table are not same. I have a Reference table which has the column mappings between excel and Fact Table. I have to refer this Reference Tabel for column mappings, plus i have to add some derived columns (Created_Date) to load the Fact_Table.

I have given a sample data structure below:

Source Data

OrderNumber     OrderQuantity     OrderDate
Order10001      100        01-01-2011

CustomerNumber      CustomerName     CustomerAddress
Customer0001        CCPrivateLtd     India

Category      DestinationColumn        SourceColumn
Order         Disp_Col_1               OrderNumber
Order         Disp_Col_2               OrderQuantity
Order         Disp_Col_3               OrderDate
Customer      Disp_Col_1               CustomerNumber
Customer      Disp_Col_2               CustomerName 
Customer      Disp_Col_3               CustomerAddress

Category        Disp_Col_1     Disp_Col_2     Disp_Col_3    Created_Date
Order           Order10001     100            01-01-2011    getdate()
Customer        Customer0001   CCPrivateLtd   India         getdate()

Is there any way to handle this in SSIS?

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Am i correct, that the columns are always in the same order? So i.e. Excel1_Order.xls column one will always be in DestinationTable Disp_col_1, column two will be in Disp_col_2, .. – stb Jul 9 '12 at 13:54

Usually I create two dataflows and let the filename determine which one to use.

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