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Is there an equivalent of R.drawable. on monotouch? I'm also searching for a way to set an xml graphic resource definition as background of a UIView or subclasses.

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You are in a different world here. iOS does not have an equivalent of what you're using on Android.

General practice is to use a static class in MonoTouch:

public static class Resources
   public static readonly UIImage Background = UIImage.FromFile("Background.png");

And use this anywhere you need it from C# code. If you set an image in a XIB file, it will use UIImage.FromBundle(), which caches the image across views. UIImage.FromFile() is generally better when using it from a static class, however.

See more on UIImage loading and MonoTouch here: (near bottom)

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As i know, maybe i implement some basic vector to pass as raster for generating all backgrounds used or simple export some new graphic as png... – Achilleterzo Jul 9 '12 at 15:21

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