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What should I do, when I need one ViewModel class to be passed to the asp-page (containing various data to display) and another Model class I need to be submitted (through the form tag) back to the server?

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Nest the "Other View Model" inside the main View Model. Then bind the controls of the form to the sub-model's properties.

Action Method Signature:

public ActionResult Foo(SubModel model) { /* ... */ }
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You can use a Custom Model Binder to bind the Input Model based on the form generated by output model. Check this link for more information:


ASP.NET MVC 3 Model Binding Resources

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If the properties of the two view models are more or less same then the default model binder will take care else you have to go for a custom model binder.

The other options if you have to create the html fields with the names of the ViewModel properties that you are going to bind on post.

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