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How to round up a decimal number to a whole number.

3.50 => 4

4.5 => 5

3.4 => 3

How do you do this in Java? Thanks!

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And if you're working with only positive numbers, you can also use int i = (int)(d + 0.5).

EDIT: if you want to round negative numbers up (towards positive infinity, such that -5.4 becomes -5, for example), you can use this as well. If you want to round to the higher magnitude (rounding -5.4 to -6), you would be well advised to use some other function put forth by another answer.

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With the standard rounding function? Math.round()

There's also Math.floor() and Math.ceil(), depending on what you need.

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You can use

int i = Math.round(d);

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Java provides a few functions in the Math class to do this. For your case, try Math.ceil(4.5) which will return 5.

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new BigDecimal(3.4);
Integer result = BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP;


Int i = (int)(202.22d);
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