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I'm basically trying to disable scroll on the list view when the user touches the List Header and MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE is performed.

If you are wondering on why this crazy implementation? - I'm basically building a custom seekbar on my listView Header which works on MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE and since the view is a header of list view it should not scroll until user takes off touch from this custom header view.

So my question/problem is.

For now i have 2 java classes. Activity (which has this list view) and the custom Header (which is a View implementing OnTouchListener).

  1. How do I pass value when my header view is touched to this list view (activity) to disable scrolling?
  2. It seems that list view scroll can be disabled by overriding dispatchTouchEvent as said here. Since mine is not a custom listView is it possible to disable in activity class itself?

Sorry i'm just learning, so please dont mind my newbiness.

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Ok, I have gone little quiet far on the question I asked, So I'm answering the first half of my question.

How do I pass value when my header view is touched to this list view (activity) to disable scrolling?

I got my solution in creating an interface. So I created a public static interface which has a public void headerTouched(Boolean touchEvent); method. My class which has the code for the listView is the implementer so it automatically overrides this method from the interface class. I this class I create a private variable (in my case: boolean) which listens for the boolean value returned from the driver class. My driver class is the HeaderView which has this interface object and through it I set the value. To help newbies on interface, I have posted my code below.

Interface Class

public static interface HeaderTouchListener{
    public void headerTouched(Boolean touchEvent);

Implementer Class

private boolean headerTouched = false;
public void headerTouched(Boolean touchEvent) {
    headerTouched = touchEvent;

Driver Class

HeaderTouchListener touchListner = new ImplementerClassName();

I'm still having trouble figuring out how to disable scroll on my list view. More information on it, please follow this question Set dispatchTouchEvent for List View without creating custom List View class. (for disabling scroll)

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