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I would like to know how I can get the number of leaf node from certain node using method or something in neo4j ?


At Node A --> contains 12 leaf nodes At Node B --> contains 6 leaf nodes

Thanks in advance.

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I would model the intermediate relationships as contains and the leaf relationships as leaf, see http://console.neo4j.org/r/ulo3yc

Then, you can do

With a setup of

create (f1{name:'folder1'}), ({name:'root'})-[:contains]->(f1)-[:leaf]->   (f2{name:'folder2'}), f1-[:leaf]->({name:'folder3'})

you can do something like

start root=node(1) 
match root-[:contains*0..]->()-[:leaf]->leaf 
return leaf


| leaf                    |
| Node[2]{name:"folder2"} |
| Node[3]{name:"folder3"} |
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