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I want to define and trigger some customized Java compilation errors in Eclipse. Basically I want that some system calls in some methods trigger a compilation error.

In this discussion an Annotaion based solution is proposed but it is not suitable in my case because I cannot predict when the copilation errors will happen. All I want is that when a developer makes a System Call for example a compilation error will be triggered.

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Not exactly what you look for, but consider using a custom Checkstyle definition. Here is a sample from the checkstyle documentation that marks calls to System.out.println as invalid:

<module name="Regexp">
    <!-- . matches any character, so we need to escape it and use \. to match dots. -->
    <property name="format" value="System\.out\.println"/>
    <property name="illegalPattern" value="true"/>
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The only way to accomplish something like that would be to write a plug-in for Eclipse that analyzes code during builds. But the details of doing so is really out of the scope of a StackOverflow question.

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You need to create your Builder implementation and register it with the Java Project.

You could start here.

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Some details please ? –  Mehdi Jul 9 '12 at 15:15
Overkill I think ~ –  Mehdi Jul 10 '12 at 9:12

If you want to prevent developpers from using java.lang.System for example, a nice trick is to create a custom class java.lang.System in your projet, so every call to any methods of java.lang.System (the real one) will occure a compilation problem.

If you use maven, you can also create the class in a seperate maven project with scope provided to not be packaged with the real application.

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