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I'm trying to detect shake event with PhoneGap API, but I find program execution is not smooth.

When we invoke watchAcceleration function, we set a parameter which represent monitor frequency like: options.frequency = 800;

Here is my question: With parameter "options.frequency = 800", device will only monitor Accelerometer every 0.8 second, but user may completed his shake gesture within 0.7 second, so we can't detect user's shake.

You may say just make the frequency parameter smaller. But I am worried that will cause performance loss(Need somebody confirm).

Then from some article, I found there is a parameter "acc.is_updating", I found it's always "undefined".

Do somebody know how to make user experience of shake more smoothly? Or is there any good plugin to detect shake gesture?

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Hope you found something. For future reference, there's a shake.js plugin mentioned here, but I use this fork of it.

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