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I am currently developing a game which involves filling of black areas if enemies are not within that black region. Since, it is a game, thus, it needs to be fast. Currently I am doing the following:

  1. start flood-filling in black region
  2. while checking pixels in flood-fill algorithm, also check for enemies
  3. if enemy not found, make this bitmap the bitmap of main canvas

black areas to be checked

This was so far, the best and fastest approach i could find. But still, the game freezes for a fraction of second. But, if I use Regions and Paths and then use canvas.drawPath, I guess it would be much faster. Also enemies could be checked by using region.contains(x,y). Could you tell how to get a region/array of regions having that particular color?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I dont know if this is necessary but I have used paint.setXfermode(new AvoidXfermode(COLOR1, 0, Mode.TARGET)); and its pretty fast to replace all the COLOR1 with the required color. This makes me more convinced that there is a solution to my above problem.

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How many enemies are there? How are they represented stored? Why don't you solve the reverse problem. Take a black canvas, and just color the areas where the enemies are as green? Would be significantly faster if most of the canvas ends up as black.

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well, there is an array of coordinates; there is a variable number of enemies. And as you said, I am taking the black canvas and filling the green area (if that area does not contain enemies) as governed by the logic of the game. –  vishalaksh Jul 9 '12 at 17:42

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