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I have a strange problem! I have a GTX 560 Ti card (compute capability 2.1) where I develop my CUDA apps.

Now after some hundred times of compiling, I got an error. That is, the compilation phase stops, with the cicc process not terminating. But when I change my number of threads per block number, it sometimes may compile. (For 64 threads it crashes for 1024 it works).

Does anyone had such a strange error. The other thing is, that with sm_13 it compiles every time, but with -arch=sm_21 it won't. But as I said it ran hundreds of times with this option, but now it will not work any more. Any suggestions?

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You may want to consider submitting a bug report to NVidia. – Pedro Jul 9 '12 at 15:43
Ok, I asked the question in the Nvidia forums! – YesThatIsMyName Jul 9 '12 at 15:53

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Here it runs again!

Commenting everything (global function) -> then compile -> uncomment again -> compiles as nothing happened before!!!

Such a strange behaviour! Maybe some intern compiler flags were set false, or something else.

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