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I use a button with an image as its background, this image has a size of 30x29, but it's resized and enlarged x2 (I think). Here is the XML code of my button :

        android:maxWidth="30dp" />

And in Java :

backButton = (Button) findViewById(;

What is wrong with that ? I do the same with other buttons and there is no problem... thank you.

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Are you supplying bouton_back in your resources using multiple densities? Using dp units to size your button isn't sufficient; you must also provide multiple sizes of your images:

  • ldpi: 120dpi
  • mdpi: 160dpi
  • hdpi: 240dpi
  • xhdpi: 320dpi

The conversion formula is as follows:

px = dp * (dpi / 160)

Where px is the final image size in pixels, dp is the desired size in density-independent units, and dpi is the target density.

Simplifying this formula, using the size in pixels of your mdpi images as the baseline:

ldpi = mdpi * 0.75
hdpi = mdpi * 1.5
xhdpi = mdpi * 2.0

Going back to your sample code, if you want a button that is 30dp by 30dp, you should be providing images for each density:

  • ldpi: 23px x 23px
  • mdpi: 30px x 30px
  • hdpi: 45px x 45px
  • xhdpi: 60px x 60px
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I think that may be folder issue. Where have you put the image file? (possibly there would not be a problem if You have it in drawable-hdpi)


ps - there is also a dp unit thing, which is pixel-independent.

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you are using the background property, android will stretch your image depending on the device resoulution in dpi (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi screens), if you put your image in drawable-mdpi folder, your image will stretch according to this coefficient

enter image description here

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