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I'm building an app in Grails, but I am well versed in Java also. I need to display thumbnails of video files, and then when the user clicks on a thumbnail, open that video in a player. (Like Youtube).

What I am thinking is, when the user posts the video, I'll use xuggler to grab a thumbnail, and save that along with the video file itself.

Question 1: Is that a good design?

I am not familiar with xuggler.

Question 2: Is there some way to grab a thumbnail from input stream as the user is uploading? Otherwise, I am going to write the file, and then grab the thumbnail from that as described here.

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Xuggler seems like the way to go.

I'm doing something similar at the moment. I'm opting to download the entire file payload before attempting to assume I was given a video.

I've built a similar system in PHP and users submitting Windows Movie Maker project files was a real issue.

application/octet-stream was a very common content-type from machines that didn't know file type associations

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