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My jquery ajax called my codebehing static WebMethod and I used System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer to get JSON object and the output is something like this.


I have GridView( control) which has ProductId, Category, Products, Price columns. I should bind this json object to the gridview using the JavaScript.

I dont know even how to apply for loop on the above Json string. Please show some light on this.

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You can loop thru your JSON data like this

var data=[{"ProductId":"9","Category":"TV","Products":"Discovery","Price":15.97},


To replace the Grid, You can build the HTML markup for a table and inject that to the DOM.

 var itemRow="<table>";  


Working sample

But you will not get the ASP.NET Grid Events after this as it is pure HTML markup for the display

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You cant do that with the default grid, checkout jQGrid for json-based grid

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To Deserialize your JSON you should create a class with the same properties and use the JavascriptSerilzier like this.

public class Product
  public int ProductId{get;set;}
  public string Category{get;set;} 
  public string Products{get;set;} 
  public decimal Price{get;set;}

myProducts List<Product> = new JavaScriptSerializer().Deserialize<List<Project>>(myJson);

You can then loop through your product list using a simple for-each loop. You can aslo bind your control using the List as a data source.

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