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I have a dynamically created table that I am trying to attach a modal effect when an image is clicked and am having trouble. Since the rows in the table are dynamic, I am using the "live" feature. The first time that the user clicks on the image, the modal pops up fine, but on the next click it does not work. I thought that with jqModal all attempts to reinitialize jqm after the first initialization would just update the parameters. The error that I am getting is $("#divModal").jqm is not a function

Here is the code that I have so far

---image creation---
<'img link=add_product.php?id=X src=./images/icons/pencil.png class=img_pencil id=imgPencil_'.$aRow['product_id'].'>

$(".img_pencil").live("click", function(){
    $('#divModal').jqm({ajax: 'add_product.php?id=XXXX'});
    return false; // have tried with and without this

I have also tried to pass the link using $('#jqModal').jqm({ajax:'@href'}), but nothing happens when I tried that.

Any ideas? I hope I am clear enough in my explanation of my problem....

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The way that I got my live query to work, it I split up the assignment and event, IE.

$('#divModal').jqm({ajax: 'add_product.php?id=XXXX'});

$(".img_pencil").live("click", function(e){
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