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I'm having an issue with a Sphinx Search Index. I keep getting empty result sets from it.

source mrc
    type     = mysql
    sql_host = localhost
    sql_user = root
    sql_pass = 
    sql_db   = test_db
    sql_port = 3306
    mysql_connect_flags = 32

    sql_query_pre = SET NAMES latin1
    sql_query_pre = SET SESSION query_cache_type=OFF
    sql_query_pre = REPLACE INTO sphinx.indexer (idx,server,version,lastrun_at) SELECT 'mrc','localhost','2.0.4',UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) FROM DUAL
    sql_query_post = UPDATE sphinx.indexer SET fetched_by = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) WHERE idx = 'mrc' AND server = 'localhost' AND version = '2.0.4'
    sql_query_post_index = UPDATE sphinx.indexer SET indexed_by = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) WHERE idx = 'mrc' AND server = 'localhost' AND version = '2.0.4'

    sql_attr_uint = mrc_id
    sql_attr_uint = mrc_parent
    sql_attr_float = mrc_latitude   
    sql_attr_float = mrc_longitude  

    sql_query = \
        SELECT mrc_id AS doc_id, \
        mrc_id, \
        mrc_parent, \
        RADIANS(mrc_latitude) as mrc_latitude, \
        RADIANS(mrc_longitude) as mrc_longitude \
        FROM mrc_table \
        WHERE mrc_parent > 0

    sql_query_info = SELECT * FROM mrc_table WHERE mrc_id = $id


index mrc
    charset_type = sbcs
    docinfo = extern
    mlock = 1
    morphology = none
    source = mrc
    path = /usr/local/var/data/mrc

indexer gives me -

indexing index 'member_region_cities'...
collected 78312 docs, 0.0 MB
total 78312 docs, 0 bytes
total 0.656 sec, 0 bytes/sec, 119354.57 docs/sec

If I connected to searchd through mysql and do

SELECT * FROM mrc_table;

It returns empty.

Theres definitely data in the localhost table, you can see it where the indexer says 'collected 78312'

So why isn't Sphinx putting the data into searchd?


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Please double check your question. You provided configuration for index called mrc but indexer output reads member_region_cities but I believe it's just shortened name.

  1. Please make sure you run indexer with --rotate option if searchd is up and running.

  2. You may check number of documents id the index using

    ./indextool --dumpheader /usr/local/var/data/mrc.sph | grep total-documents

  3. Please make sure you are connecting to the Sphinx server, not to MySQL usually it is running on port 9306

    mysql -h -P 9306

Hope this helps

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Good catch, I replaced all the member_region_cities in the index as mrc just before posting so that's the reason for the indexer output. The index tool outputs - total-documents: 78312, and thanks for that tip I didn't know about the indextool And definitely connecting to the correct server. – Marklar Jul 9 '12 at 20:01
So SELECT * FROM mrc is still empty? – vfedorkov Jul 10 '12 at 8:27
Which Sphinx version so you use? – vfedorkov Jul 10 '12 at 8:36
Also, are there any messages regarding rotation in daemon error log (usually searchd.log) – vfedorkov Jul 10 '12 at 9:19
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I found my problem, I wasn't selecting any fields. I had all of my columns configured as attributes.

I fixed this by dropping this line - sql_attr_uint = mrc_id

For future reference, if you need an index without fields you can set a dummy field e.g. add - 'a' as dummy - to the select query.

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