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I create a model (cube) and add that to my viewport and it works properly without any problem.


whenever I use the following code, the cube become black instead of it's original color.

this.mainViewport.Children.Clear(); this.mainViewport.Children.Add(model);

I need to clear the viewport as I am adding the cube in another position in next second. any suggestion to solve that problem would be highly appreciated.

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Is the Color contained in the mainViewPort? I don't think you should clear the Children. The Viewport has other things independent of the objects like light, Transform ect. Why do you need to Clear()? –  MBen Jul 9 '12 at 17:45
Thanks for your reply. Actually I need to change the position of the cube (in a data file, I have different 3D points and I changed the position of the cube based those points, I create a timer and read the next data based on the timer and visualize the object accordingly), I though that it was the easiest way to do that. any suggestions –  MKS Jul 9 '12 at 17:55
here is my code: ModelVisual3D model = new ModelVisual3D(); model.Content = cube; this.mainViewport.Children.Clear(); this.mainViewport.Children.Add(model); –  MKS Jul 9 '12 at 17:57
See my answer if that helps –  MBen Jul 9 '12 at 18:10

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I would do something like this instead : Create the Cube first time in it start location :

ModelVisual3D model = new ModelVisual3D();
model.Content = cube;

Then in the timer I would change the Transform wit the new location:

model.Transform = new TranslateTransform3D(X, Y, Z); // model need to be a field in your class

The other available transorms are :

  1. ScaleTransform3D

  2. RotateTransform3D

  3. MatrixTransform3D

  4. Transform3DGroup

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I know that it is an old question, but right answer might help somebody. The cube gets black because
removes also light source (any of), to make cube get original color you must add to your code something like:
this.mainViewport.Children.Add(new ModelVisual3D() { Content = new AmbientLight(Colors.White) });

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