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I'm working on a project to detect websites which violate certain user agreements for accepting payments (through serve/visa etc). e.g. sites which sell prescription drugs, firearms etc etc.

My approach is to selectively crawl the web, categorize the sites into high level categories like drugstore, petstore, handicraft store, file sharing, digital content etc etc. I was wondering what would be the best way to do the ontology/category analysis given the raw content of websites. Is there any tool which uses Hidden Markov Model/KNN or other AI techniques to do such an analysis.

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This is a huge topic, i.e., web page classification. Some related techniques includes:

  • Feature selection
  • Topic modeling
  • Concept extraction
  • Multi-class classification
  • ...

I can point you to two approaches.

  • First is how Yahoo does it in this. I think it's a good one to get some ideas about feature selection in this domain. For classification, they compared naive bayes and SVM.
  • Second is how Facebook does it in this. They take use of Open Directory Project to get labeled data and on top of that, they build mapping from terms to ontologies. I think those techniques might be useful in your scenario.

Hope it's helpful to you to get start!

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You might find SimilarWeb’s API helpful. SimilarWeb performs domain level classification and tagging based on advanced machine learning and content analysis.

Link to the API: https://developer.similarweb.com/ You can also visit web site to get impression what information is availabe www.similarweb.com

Disclosure, I’m affiliated with SimilarGroup, the creator of SimilarWeb.

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