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How can i add a class and an id to the main ul inside a div?

<div id"navcont">
        <li>Sub One</li>
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That should be <div id="navcont">. –  Surreal Dreams Jul 9 '12 at 18:26
.addclass: api.jquery.com/addClass -- .attr: api.jquery.com/attr -- childSelector: api.jquery.com/child-selector -- Documentation exists for a reason. –  Kevin B Jul 9 '12 at 18:27

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Just use a child selector:

$('#navcont > ul').addClass('theClass').attr('id', 'theID');
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Try this:

$('#navcont > ul').attr("id", "some-id").addClass("some-class");
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$("#navcont > ul").addClass("myClass").attr("id", "myId");

This will add the specified class and id to any ul inside the selected div, but only if that ul is a child of the #navcont div. A ul tag inside any other tag will not be selected. If you want to target the first selected ul tag, you could specify that:

$("#navcont > ul").eq(0).addClass("myClass").attr("id", "myId");

This will make sure you only choose the first ul inside of #navcont. If you may have multiple ul tags inside the div, you should consider which you want to target and how to handle each.

Also remember that while a class can be used many times, and id should be unique to a document and not repeated. If you're dealing with multiple ul tags and you assign ids, each should be unique.

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You can use the first selector for this,

$("#navcont ul:first")

Note that this will select only the first UL element within the DIv

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