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Im trying to make a certain value the default selected one, in a drop down/select textfield. Ive have tried numerous options to no avail. Who knows how to set the default one based on a value from the Profile model?

= f.input_field :state_id,
                :label => "Your state",
                :collection => DataState.all,
                :default =>  [DataState.where(:id => @user.profile.state_id)],
                :style => "width: 110px !important"

Im using simple_form

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Have you tried to use the :selected option?

Try to change the:

:default =>  [DataState.where(:id => @user.profile.state_id)],


:selected =>  [DataState.where(:id => @user.profile.state_id)],
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Tried didn't work.. very frustrating these form issues just setting a value as default that it can be so hard :( –  Rubytastic Jul 10 '12 at 0:21
what error does it show? –  gabrielhilal Jul 10 '12 at 8:50

I think, You have to give ID# instead of whole object

Try this,

:default =>  [DataState.where(:id => @user.profile.state_id).id],
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Yeah use this. It works:

:selected =>  [DataState.where(:id => @user.profile.state_id).first.id],
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