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I am trying to use PHPExcel lib. I already read some the API, but still didn't figure how to use it correctly.

I'm trying to convert an array, to an excel table.

If I have:

$Array = array(
              array('key1' => 'Content1', 'key2' => 'Content2'),
              array('key1' => 'Content3', 'key2' => 'Content4')

So the output in the excel file will be:

key1              key2

Content1          Content2
Content3          Content4

key1 and key2 as headings.

Can you help? Thank you

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Look at the post: stackoverflow.com/questions/5545406/php-excel-data-looping Hope this helps! –  lexeme Jul 10 '12 at 10:13
Can you have different key values in the different sub-arrays? If the subarrays are always identical, then the logic is pretty simple, otherwise the answer is rather more complicated. –  Mark Baker Jul 14 '12 at 9:25
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Some discussions are here. check it Example

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