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I am naming each column in a datagridview using a right-click menu with all the names the user can use. As each name is used, I have disabled the right-click menu item for each name as it is selected so that the user cannot name two columns the same. To do this, I am using a simple if statement to see if that column name exists:

if (MyDataGridView.Columns["ColName"] != null)
      ColName.Enabled = false;

However, if the user wants to re-name a column, I am having trouble "un-naming" the column, as the above if statement returns true for both names after I re-name the column. Is there a way to clear a column name so that a column doesn't have multiple names associated with it?

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A column can only have 1 name. No more, no less. –  banging Jul 9 '12 at 18:57

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This should work:

MyDataGridView.Columns["ColName"].Name = string.Empty
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It will be more appropriate to use DisplayName attribute to specify the column name in your datagridview....

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