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I have 2 tables



The User_ID is following the Following_user_ID



(The User_ID column is the user that inserted the data into the tables.)

How would I build the query to select all of the activity rows where the currently logged in user is following the user in the User_ID column of Activity.



id = 1
User_ID = 1
Following_user_ID = 2

User 1 is following user 2


A_ID = 1
User_ID = 2
Shared = Blah Blah

How can I make it so that user 1 (currently logged in) can see the activity of User 2 as user 1 is following user 2?

From the example above, user 1 should be able to see along the lines of "User 2 shared Blah Blah".

I have tried to explain this the best I can, have been trying to figure out the query but can't wrap my head around it.

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SELECT * FROM Activity A
JOIN Following F ON F.Following_user_ID = A.User_ID 
WHERE F.User_ID = 1

In case logged user is 1

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This works fine, I have a column in Activity called dt_added (The date the record was added). Can I order the above statement by dt_added? Every time I try ORDER BY dt_added it breaks the query. – TheTechBox Jul 10 '12 at 14:13
Nevermind. I forgot to put A.dt_added instead of dt_added. – TheTechBox Jul 10 '12 at 14:22

try this:

Select * From following as F
join Activity as A 
on F.user_id=A.a_id
where a.user_id=1
group by following_user;

where 1 is the id of the user that's been followed.

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