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In HTML, I have a div that contains a table of labels and textboxes

Before writing in password textbox

the following HTML code belongs to the 'td' that contains the 'Password':

<asp:TextBox ID="Password" runat="server" TextMode="Password" onkeyup="return passwordChanged();"></asp:TextBox>
<span id="strengthID"></span>

passwordChanged is a javascript function to determine the strength of the password. This function changes the innerHTML of the span 'strengthID'

My problem is simple: when 'stengthID' changes its content (on onkeyup event), the whole table shifts left.

After writing in password textbox

My goal is to keep everything as it is while changing the inner text of the span. I couldn't get rid of this behavior. Please can you point to some possible css attribute I would need to use? or any other suggestions?


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you need to specify wdith for your first column.

for example

<td style="width:150px;">

specifying width for any row's first column will do the job

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You need to set a fixed width on that td, otherwise the browser will adjust the width depending on the content of the columns.

One way to do it would be to add a class to the first td on each row (even on just one row will be sufficient) and call it label for instance.

Then add some CSS:

.label {
   width: 123px; /* Some width of your choice */
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