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I am working with a project where Cocoapods is used. I am unable to find any documentation for adding a framework to an already existing Cocoapods setup. All I can find are example on how to setup Cocoapods from scratch.

Any help? I'd like to add ABContactHelper via Cocoapods.


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Just add the pod to your Podfile and run pod install again.

For ABContactHelper, do:

  1. edit Podfile
  2. add pod 'ABContactHelper' to the Podfile
  3. pod install
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I think the question involves a framework and not a pod. –  alper Sep 2 '12 at 16:46
Actually this is the same. By specifying a pod, you are adding a framework as a dependency to your project. –  tilo Sep 2 '12 at 16:57

and don't forget to close the workspace in xCode before doing 'pod install', because if you don't, you can loose all your not saved changes, as xCode will ask you to revert the workspace to the version saved on disk. Yes, I did it once ;)

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